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World-leading Engineering, Construction, Mining, and Technology Company

Morakami through its subsidiaries engages in finance, investment, construction, real estate, hotel management, tourism, outsourcing and international trade businesses in Hong Kong, China. Its direct investment activities include strategic investing, venture capital, financial investor, and acquisition and merger; and Financial advisory activities include group restructuring, financial consultation, agencies appointment, financing and IPO, introducing strategic resources, and post-IPO support.

Morakami also produces heavy load precision and hard flank gearboxes; cromn gear couplings for power generating, metallurgy, mine, construction material, shipbuilding, petrochemical, aviation and space, light, textile and paper industrial, universal machinery, defense, and scientific research applications; economizers, waste heat recovery products, boiler components, marine products, and waste heat power generations; and reciprocated piston, screw, chemical gas, and marine compressors, as well as engages in the design, manufacture, inspection, sale, and after-sales service of firefighting systems.
In addition, it supplies in non-PVC multi-layer film for infusion in China; develops wireless communication technology and equipment, such as Bluetooth presentation and development tool, education and experiment platform, general transceiver equipment, traffic equipment, and information-based household appliances; and provides card systems, such as, campus charge management, parking meter, and attendance check systems, as well as tulip-branded systems for hospitals. Further, the company provides fund management services, specializing in alternative investments in Asia; pilot program executing services; and financial and guarantee services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and individuals.


DESIGN {Building an Innovative Environment}

This research center combines multiple research facilities and is designed to improve efficiency in the development of new drugs. The office space makes it easy for researchers to communicate with one another, while an attractive light-filled galleria and atrium are located in the center of the facility.


When creating a workplace, we at Morakami envision a strategically positioned site for business practice and provide individualized solutions for our customers. In designing the best working environment, we know it is necessary to understand the functions of each department, as well as workstyles, security policies and IT systems, in order to generate efficient zoning.


One of the World's Largest Research Centers
Morakami Research Center. This new large-scale facility includes an Experiment Building Which integrates four previously disparate research centers, Creating an environment that facilitates collaboration among 1,700 researchers.


Super High-Rise Condo with Innovated Protection System
Morakami Tower Sky Club is a 158-meter tall, 42-story super high-rise. The tower comprises slender connected buildings, each with a challenging aspect ratio. It is a world's super high-rise condominium with three connected towers. A hybrid base-isolation system that utilizes four types of isolation is incorporated.