Our vision is to be an innovative, leading and sustainable multi-disciplinary engineering Group

Core Values

  • Truth, keep good faith and been steadfast.
  • Industrious and fulfillment of Objectives
  • Working will high devotion and discipline
  • Act in harmony with the Clients and pursue prosperity for set goals.


    We provide engineering solutions and endeavor to deliver value also attain full customer satisfaction through engineering excellence, professionalism and quality service. We believe in development of talent and are committed to create an environment in which employees can take pride in their works.

    Brief History

    Morakami Corporation is among Japan's oldest general contractors with a long history rich in tradition that spans over 400 years and includes creating a large number of Japan's most prominent architectural landmarks. Since 1960, Morakami has also established offices in many foreign countries and over the years has been the recipient of many design, technique and quality awards.

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    Morakami Seeks individuals and Companies in North America and Australia to help manage and interact with its investors and advice on business development.

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    Commitment to Total Client Satisfaction

    Morakami is committed to total Client satisfaction by creating value that exceeds expectations in all our projects, through close partnering with the Client, Statutory and Legal Bodies and all Stakeholders.

    Health and Safety

    We will proactively engage all necessary resources and implement a framework and programme to prevent ill-health, injury and pollution in our workplace, as we believe that Environmental Health and Safety of its Personnel and Subcontractors, and environment shall be of equal importance to that of quality and cost in the construction process and related activities.

    We will comply with applicable local Legislative Requirements and Other Requirements that the Company subscribes to; and continually improve the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Performances, Management and Practices in the Company.

    We will review this Policy periodically to reflect the fast changing local and world environment affecting our construction business. This Policy will be communicated and made available to Staff and all interested Parties inclusive of Clients, Neighbours, Suppliers, Subcontractors and the Public.

    Workplace Safety

    We place great importance on workplace safety. Having our people and our stakeholders return home safe and well at the end of the day is a key priority of top management and concerted efforts are made to instil safety values across all levels of the organisation.

    Safety values employed by the Group in its business operations include selecting subcontractors and suppliers with good safety records, briefing all staff on safe work practices, and carrying out regular safety audits to ensure safety compliance on-site at all times. As a result of these initiatives, the Group has been certified under the internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate (OHSAS 18001) for its efforts in managing health and safety risks in the working environment to protect employees, customers and the general public at all times.

    We are also honoured to have received the Gold Award in the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Occupational Health and Safety Awards since 2016, for our commitment to upholding the highest health and safety standards. Since 1976, the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards are internationally recognised and have fast become the most sought-after safety accolade by organisations.

    Responsibility to Shareholders

    The Group strives to uphold high standards of corporate governance, transparency and disclosure, in accordance to the principle and guidelines of the Japan Code of Corporate Governance 2005. Committed to the adoption of best practices, Morakami in 2013, has begun the process of studying the measures necessary to comply with the revised 2012 Japan Code of Corporate Governance, to protect the interest of our shareholders and investors.

    In line with that commitment, we pledge to deliver accurate and timely disclosure of material corporate developments, our quarterly and full-year results. Our results and announcements are released to allow shareholders and investors to receive timely updates. We endeavour for our Annual Report to provide a clear and accurate review of our financial and non-financial performance for the year. Our yearly annual report are sent to all Shareholder to keep track of activities in the company